Hello, Grown-ups!





My name is Jordan and I just started going to Learn and Play Childcare.When Mommy and I went to see Learn and Play for the first time, I couldnít believe how big and bright it was. The director took us on a tour and showed us the classroom, computer lab, the little play town, and the indoor and outdoor playground. The nice lady told us that the center is 14,500 sq. feet, so thereís plenty of space for me to explore. I play all day, but I think theyíre trying to trick me into learning, because now I know how to say my alphabet and share. The great thing is that the center has a play-based curriculum, so when I am learning I never get bored!I canít even pick a favorite thing, because I love it all. I play with puzzles, magnifying glasses, paint, blocks and balls. And even though Iím only two years old, my teacher is showing me how to type and use a mouse. My friend Anjali loves to play dress up, draw numbers and dance to the music that the teacher plays. And when Anjali cries because she misses her Mommy, our teacher holds her and makes her feel better, like my mommy does for me. We have cameras in all the rooms so Mommy can always see how happy I am at Learn and Play. The owner Mr. Alex is always around if we need anything, and since Learn and Play is family owned and operated, itís like we are all a family! My parents say itís hard to find a safe, pleasant place for children to grow, thatís also affordable, and so they love Learn and Play too. Also, if they have to go to work early or come home late some times, they never have to worry because Learn and Play is open from 6:30am to 7:00pm.


I love Learn and Play and I know you will too.